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IT Services

We provide a wide range of technology services to help you do business.

We will help you simplify the process of selecting and deploying IT infrastructure, applications and tools, as well as their management.

 Our services and solutions ensure the efficiency of business operations in your company.

 Our network infrastructure solutions and services can save you time, money and human resources.

Our services:

Network installation and maintenance

          • Design, installation& maintenance in offices, warehouses, shops, etc.
          • Fiber Optic Networking
          • Design and installation of Internet access
          • Connection with neighboring buildings and warehouses
          • Routing and reRouting
          • Internet access with load management and virtual networks
          • Communication with remote offices in a single network
          • Data Protection and Reporting
          • Wireless network

Energy consumption and energy protection

          • Installing UPS (uninterruptible power supply) systems on all equipment and setting up management software

Server and server softwares

          • Domain networks - setup, deployment, protection
          • Databases - setup, deployment, recovery, archiving
          • Corporate mail system - configuration, deployment
          • Web server - setup, protection, archiving
          • Control of access to the Internet - protection, reporting

CCTV Systems

          • Installation and design of video surveillance systems
          • Modernization of the existing video surveillance system


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☎ +7-968-664-82-13
✉ info@edelweissconsult.ru